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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 28, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 monday, may 22th. 3 it's one of europe's ttp-rated shows... featuring more than horses."apaasionata" is coming to 1st mariner arena june 8th through 10th... tickets are available now.but you can get in for free. free."apassionata" sent us tickets to give away.the 4th and 5th callers right now... at 410-481-4545... wins a pair of tickets to the show. 3p
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3 a baltimore coonty couple enns up in the hospital after a home invasion in the north point neighborhooo. neighborhood.a woman was ptabbed, and a man shottduring the incident just before 11 a-m at a home on aldworth road sunday . according to one witness... two men knocked on theedoor claiming they were they forced their way in and started yelling about wanting was upstairs in her bedroom with her daughter and tried to call ppoice. 10:43:50-10:44:00 "i hurried one with the knife... and i think that's
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"no. at this point we have no suspect information... connection between the victiis and the suspects." suspects." the woman we talked to says nothing was actually taken. both viitimss are eepected to be recover. 3 baltimore city police continue to search for the man who took photos of a young girr... inner harbor.mstall at the harbor.police say this suspect... used his cell phone camera to snap piccures of a 15 ear old in aa"harbor ppace" bathroom.... placing the camera underneath the she thought it was a joke at first. "he's a sick pervert, sick pervert it upsets me that he could do it to her or my other daughter, its scares you it
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really does" does"the guu was last seen running out of the bathroom. tropical storm beryl is making for a stormy memorial day down . south.((zap!)) ((zap!))downed powerlines near jacksonville show the wrath the storm is causing in florida.more than 24-thouuand ppople in florida and georgia are without power this morning as the storm moves further inland. because of beryl... jacksonville's mayor canceled all memorial day ceremonies. as you head back to work tomorrow... the orning commute should be a little smoo. smoother. the emergency repair work along the jones falls expressway is done.all lanes... northbound and of schedule.lanes closures were necessary for repairs oo collaased drainage pipes undeeneath the eepressway. 3&maryyand's larrest casino wil
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soon be opening. opening.tomorrow, maryland live is opening it's doors to the media for a reeiew...but it will open to the public on pune 6th.the casino will hae over 4-thousand lot machines. it's the third to opee in the state. 3hh's the richest oriole inn club history... adam jones and baltimore agreeing on a six yearrdeal... worth 85-point-5 million dollars. dollars.the 26 year old san orioles in 2008.the new contract keeps jones in the charm city through 20-18.jonns said sunday he's glad to be staying in baltimore. oc: do a lot in this city pity jones is now the
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second-highest-paid center fielder in the big leagues. 3 justin bieber... lady gaga and beyonce are making headlines to.
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today.first up... justin pieber... the los angeles police departmmnt wants to talk to the siiger. singer.bieber is accused of having an altercation with a phhtographer on sunday... outside a shopping centee in california.the photographer filed the complaint witt police.bieber was reportedly with his girlfriend, selena gomez, at the time. it's official... lady gaga fanssin indonesia won'' see tte singer take the stage after all. the singer was forced to cancel the conccrt... followinggprotests froo religious groups.her management is citing security c. concerns.islamic hhrd-liners in the country say her revealing costumes and sensual danceemoves are forbidddn by islamic law. the old-out crowd of more than 25-thousand will receive refunds. beyonce is back! back!beyonce naas nats roughly 55-hundred fans turned
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outtthis weekend... to see beyonce perform for the first daughter blue ivy.the singer out crowd... in atlantic city.- among the crowd? first lady michelle obama and her two daughters. "men in black 3" put a sttp to number one film in ameeica.e nats the time-traveling flick... starring will smith and josh brolin... won the weekend box office with 55-million dollars 3 weekends in first place... "the avengers" dropped to number 2... pulling in about 37-million dollaas. "battleship" rounded out the top 3... with 10-point-7 million dollars in ticket sales.
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3 one man proposes to his girlfriend in a way so unique... it's probably ne of the best proposals ever. bruno mars' song "marry me." ((muuic nats)))- isaac had his giilfriend sit in the back of a car....and listen to the song on the car slowly proposal into action.... - so did she say yes? let's find out.
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((4:11 it's a beautiful night....i think iiwant to marry you 4:22))((4:58 will you marry me? (cheers) 5:05)) ((ááááad libáááá)) since the proposal on may viewed more than 3 million times on youtube. 3 we've got another performance... this one fit for memorial day... coming up n. car crunching actionnof the monster jam.weehave your chance to win tickets to the show... stay tuned for yoor chance to win sometime in the next 20 minutes. minutes. you're watching ox 45 gooddday
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baltimore. ((break 1)) 3
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they are a couple of llve birds that love to sing.u-t-g from praise unlimited joins - what is praise unlimited? -what will you be singing today? 3
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today? for more information log onno fox baltimore dot com slash morning 3 3 3 slash morning baltimore dot com onto fox baltimore dot com slash orning 3 ((break 2))
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for aal you aspiring astronomers... break out your you don't have one... you f - might wann to borroo one. one.tonight... sky watcheer half moon and mars.for those lookiig to spy the red planet... it will appear as a bright yellow-orange ssot above and to tte left of the moon.mars is actually moving pway from earth... so this could be your best ccance to see the planet for the next &pfew months. 3
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3 and they're coming to baltimore! baltimore!((engine nats)) &pnats)) monster jam roars into town this weekend... and you hhve a chance to win tickets. staa tuned ... we'll give them away in the next twenty minutes. sooething a
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little more girlie... products to keep you looking fresh and watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3
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here comes the briiie... all set for the big day!lianne farbes from the make-up girl dot nnt joins us fr this mornings makeovvr monday. - what can we use for a
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brighter smile- how long does it last? -how much is it?-what about
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haar ccre productss products? 3 for more information llg onto foxbaltimore dot coo slash morning from sister, sister... to new m! mom!((8:26:33 i say that shares some laughs ... and advice about pregnancy. prrggancy.((anthem audition)) plus... a beautiful performance of the national aathee this memorral day... from our star spangled sing
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winner. ou're watching fox 45 gooo day baltimore. ((break ))
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3 3 monster jam is coming to m & t bank stadiim... this saturday, june 2nd... tickets are available now. free!feld entertainment seet us some tickets to give away. the 10th caller rrght now... &pwins a family four-pack f tiikets to the show.juut call 410-441-4545. 3
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3 it is mmmorial day....a time been lost afghanistan... 3-thousand coalition troops have lost their livesssince the start of the war. the death toll reached this number with the paasing of petty officer first classsryan wilson of california.the sailor diee ay 20-th from complications associated wiih a medical conditton.the u-s haa suffered the most troop deaths since operation enduring began in 2001... with almost two-thousand killed in ann around afghanistann as we all pauue to remember in shows us how others around the peterans. nats whistle being bbown, motorcycles starttmovingwith a whistle and a roar... mmmorial
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day weekend kiccs off in the tte parents of issing serviceman bowe bergdahl ((ow pergdahl) led the rolling thunder ride in a model t. motorcyclists drooe from arlington to washington.the annual ride is in remembrance of prisoners of war and those missing in action.beegdahl is the war in afghanistan, after taliban militants captured him in 2009.his father addressed the crowd.thanks to you, our poos anddmias are never forgotten and they never will be forgotten. bowe, if you can hear mm, you are not forgotten and so help me god you will come home, we will not leave you behind. (applause)nnw boston... flags to remember &t- the fallen.... as nature painted a stunning sighh at the u-s marine corps (core) war memmrial in washington. today... president obama will lay a wreathhat the tomb of the unknowns at arlington
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national cemetery.and in the afternoon... a ceremony aa thh vietnam veterans memorial to mark thh 50th anniversary of the vietnam 19-62 the united states deployed some 10-thhusand military adviserss 10-thhusoojoin the 900 already vietnam.more thhn 58-thousand day ballimore. manyyof you will be enjoying cookout.this morning we've got tips to make sure yoor meal iss hit.joel d. smith is outside... to show us what's cookin'. marty atkinson joins us froo brio tuscan grill. -wwat are you makkng for us
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-what goes into this dish?-howw lonn does it take to prepare? -where are you located? located? 3
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for more innormation loo onto fox baltimore doo com slash morniig --joel toss meg 3 shh grew uppin the spotlight... now she's a new mo. mom.coming up... frank talk about pregnancy with actress ... and aathor tiaamoory. rain &povernnght... find out if the wet stuff will actually put a daaper on your holiday plans. pour foreccst next.
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you're watching ffx 45 good &pday altimore. ((break 5))
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((ad lib mmteorologist)) 3
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from sisttr, sister... to momma! momma!((8:26:33 i say that pregnant wooen they''e like a walking whhopii cushion 8:26:36) 8:26:36))what actress tia mowry says is the stinkiest part of pregnancy... and here's a hint... it's not sickness.((singing anthem)) anthem)) plus... she won our ssar
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spangleddsing off with a beautiful performance of the national anthemm.... coming up... we'll bring her bacc for an encore. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6))
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once primarily a problem for male veterans the last decade has seen a significant rise in homelessness among female vets. "it is on the rise. about 8 percent of veterans who are identified as homeless are female." "you don't sleep well in a car not knowing who's going to come up to the car who's going to hurt you." the unique challenges faced by female military veterans... 3- it was the mooenn that had her
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leaping off her feet. feet.((cheers)) ((cheers))coming up... the winner f our star spangged
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the national anthem. &panthem. you're watching ox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 77) &p - she won our monster jam staa
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spangled sing off on friday.... his morning she is morning tia douglass.... 3&plet's look at the momenn you
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found out you won. woo. the cost of illegals what you
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are paying to keep a roof over eir heads.monday on fox44 3 áá7 day forecastáá 3 ((break 8))
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